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Urinal Auto Sanitizers

Urinal Auto Sanitizers

The Bio Quad is a cleaning and dosing dispensing system for urinal and WC's fixtures. Urinals tend to develop malodours due to build-up of uric salt residue which lines the plumbing.

Uric salt forms into a crystalline substance which has an unpleasant smell with a strong resistance to cleaning products.  Regular sanitization avoids a build-up of organic and inorganic deposits, reduces soiling and prevents costly blockages and aids to eliminate unwanted smells.

The use of auto sanitizers, such as the Bio effectively removes build-up and eliminates unwanted odours helping to maintain a fresh environment. 



  • Programmable maintenance of urinal fixtures and toilets
  • Urinals & WC’s remain free from odour
  • Dispensing unit coats the bowl with a bio fluid
  • Cleans, protects and disinfects
  • Monthly service 


  • Compact discrete unit
  • Available in White or Chrome
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