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Sanitary/Nappy Vending Machines
  • Sanitary/Nappy Vending Machines

    In order for our customers to consider the highest level of washroom facilities for their workforce and visitors, we offer a range of vending machines. The contents can be designed to meet specific requirements for both female and male. 

    Our coin operated multi or dual vending machines are stocked with competitive products.  We use well-known brands only, supporting customer's familiarity with products they wish to purchase. 

    All re-stocking and cash handling is carried out by Signature Refresh eliminating any staff involvement in stock purchases or inventory control.

    No fuss, no worries only ease of use and convenience for your end user.



    • Self-contained nit
    • Secure electronic operation
    • Battery powered no mains wiring
    • Anti-vandalism lock


    • Up to 9 product choices
    • 6 & 10 button options
    • Able to convert into a nappy vend
    • Out of stock indicator
    • Accepts different coins
    • Available in ABS White, Steel White or Sliver
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