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Air Odour Control
  • Air Odour Control

    The secret to improving air quality, eliminates risks of infection and bad odours within your washroom can be found in our Odour Control units.

    Airborne micro-organisms can be composed of volatile organic compounds, bacteria, fungi, moulds and viruses that land on surfaces and multiply.  After cleaning, microorganisms instantaneously float back onto surfaces and begin to recolonize leading to odour or infections issues.

    Innovative technology of dual ultraviolet lamps contained inside the unit generate ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UV-CI) destroying nucleic acid within the microorganism. The process freshens air by killing airborne pathogens, micro-organisms, allergens and by decomposing odours and harmful gases.

    Our Odour Control units are a permanent solution and provide a sterile environment. 



    • Controls bacteria and viruses in air and exposed surfaces
    • Eliminate embarrassing odours
    • Improve infection control and hygiene standards
    • Protect residents, staff, patients and visitors alike
    • Extend carpets and soft furnishings life
    • Reduce absenteeism and labour costs
    • Improve business image and increase occupancy rates:  e.g. care homes,



    • Electrical connection via insulated cable shielded internally
    • No fan making unit completely silent
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