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Signature 91100

Signature 91100

Scandinavian in design, our Signature 91100 parades a new improved operational platform, variety of technologies, an interactive user interface and is renowned for high-quality. With a 10" touch screen, it can play advertising or promotional videos and display still images.  The 91100 is able to be equipped with a payment system. Internet connectivity allows an email alert feature.

Scroll through multiple screens to offer a variety of drinks or set your own menu. The customer can tailor the drink to their taste using guided customization function. Share nutritional information and allergens via the touch screen.


  • Capacity vends (up to) 12 oz drinks
  • Coffee Beans 2.8 kg
  • Instant Coffee 0.7 Kg  or  Fresh Brew Tea 1.1 kg
  • Milk 1.2 kg
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