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Gel/Foam/Antibacterial Soap Dispenser
  • Gel/Foam/Antibacterial Soap Dispenser

    Soap is integral to the handwashing process, a key element to keeping hands free of bacteria and germs that otherwise spread invisibly.
    Hand dispensers provide the convenience to washing hands thoroughly before leaving the washroom.

    Our elegantly designed hand dispensers operate swiftly, easily with pump operation and reliably within high or low traffic environments. The dispensers can be mounted in various positions, wall, under the counter or even within a recess.  Compact and neat our dispensers will compliment your washroom décor stylishly.

    Our range caters for preferred style either manual or automatic and in various finishes.  We offer a choice of consumable soaps; cosmetic, foam. liquid, gel sanitizer and anti-bacterial to suit hygienic requirements.



    • Built for ease of service.
    • Robust and reliable
    • Strong features for both service & hygiene.
    • Easy to clean surface



    • Automatic sensor operation
    • Various finishes to suit all washroom décor
    • Soap options - foam, liquid, gel or anti-bacterial soap
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